It is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed in the era of digital abundance. Fast developments and constantly growing choices also heavily impact digital marketing, with people wanting to stick to ad solutions they already know and hesitating about using other possibilities. There are some, who swear upon using paid search, and others, who much prefer banner campaigns. Marketers rarely think about integrating banner and search campaigns. Here are some very good reasons, why they should.

Banners Build Keyword Volumes

When speaking about Google paid search, one thing is of crucial importance: the volume of interest. Relevant keywords are great for growing conversions. But the amount of these searches made is a factor, that directly influences the outcome numbers. If people are not looking for your brand or the goods and services you provide, what can be done? The answer is simple: let them know, that you are there. There is nothing better than to be reminded about the things, that you might need. We have so much to keep track of anyhow, that a little reminder can be most appreciated – and awaken the existing interest.

Audiences Provide Insights

Sure, search advertising can do, what no other kind of advertising can achieve – to be the answer to a prayer. But the much more tricky question is, what is the search query maker actually expecting to see. Is it a sales proposal, contact information or maybe some very specific product details? This is where search and display can work true magic together. Display audiences generated by Google show valuable insights about the additional interests your search segments might have. Their profile speaks about their actual needs more than a marketer could ever guess just from the searches. So with the actual responses within specific segments, copies for ads can be deduced.