“Digital” is the word that nowadays seems to appear everywhere. There is a lot of talk about digitalization and automation in general, as well as specific key phrases like SEO or PPC, that often pop up in otherwise solidly grounded discussions. Whether it is accounting, business relations or communication in general, the D-word keeps popping up more and more often. If you have never paid much attention to digital marketing, here is a list of 5 reasons, that might make you want to reconsider your perspective.

1. We Have Changed Our Habits

If you take a look around anywhere, anyplace these days, one thing might strike you instantly – a lot of people are looking at their phones. Whether having dinner in a fancy restaurant, comfortably at home watching television or even walking on the streets, people are constantly browsing online and chatting in social media networks. And yes, they also google anything, that pops up as a question on their minds. There is no hesitation nor reluctance in our digital habits – we want everything we crave, knowledge as well as goods, and we want it all in a matter of seconds.

2. Digital Means Fast

Another crazy thing is, that despite having longer lifetimes, our time seems to be speeding up. Even though automated technology helps us with a wide range of formerly time-consuming domestic and work duties, we need solutions that are present in a matter of seconds. To be precise – in a matter of 2 seconds. So if you have a website that is taking longer to load or a sign-up form, that needs several clicks to be completed, you can actually be certain, that you are losing valuable contacts (and possible revenue) just because of that.

3. Customer Loyalty Is Not What It Used To Be

Sometimes people – and businesses – get stuck in the past. This is understandable – we all like to dwell in the glorious memories. How it used to be in the 00s, in the 90s, maybe even truly old times. We used to have young people giving up their monthly wages for a pair of Nike shoes. But these times have gone – and maybe for good. The market of today is truly a very open one. Of course this means more competition. Small, no-name brands coming out of nowhere and having a significant impact on the market. A lot of popular brands – Airbnb, Booking.com, Uber, Transferwise etc – have not been around for long. This means, that as marketers we need a lot more communication and a lot more reactivity for our customers. Changes in preferences can happen really fast, and marketers need to be even faster than that. We are living in a buyer’s market and your brand needs to be in the consideration loop to be seen as an option.

4. Digital Activities Are Traceable

The truly best thing about digital marketing is traceability. In Google Analytics we can follow up, who are the users on your webpage, where did they come from, what triggered their searches, in which homepage section did they end up and how long did it take for them to make a purchase. You can evaluate all your unpaid and paid campaign activities on all digital channels, to see if your digital marketing activities are actually having the desired impact. And even better – you can compare current data with previous period data or even last year. This way you can validate your selected strategy, or detect the urgent need to change campaign execution – or even ad copy.

5. Insight Is Foresight

Customers surveys are great, but they can take a lot of expertise, time & money. You should consider your Google Analytics account as a source of ongoing customer surveys. On your account you can actively monitor, what are the characteristics, topics and interests, that your main user has. And the best is, that you can have this most valuable, real-time data for free. It is not only the basis for feedback, it is an input for strategy. Insight means, that you do not have to take wild guesses about your user – you can have a buyer profile based on actual, accurate data. Based upon that data, you can make accurate, valid calculations for future plans, that will most probably measure up.